Every day is the perfect day to show off your beloved Corvette, but this week holds some extra opportunities to proclaim your love of all things Corvette!

The end of June always gives Corvette enthusiasts reason to celebrate.  On June 30, 1953, the very first Corvettes rolled off the assembly line and into the heart of America. Given that this year marks Corvette’s 60th anniversary, and the introduction of the 7th generation Stingray, there are multiple opportunities to celebrate.

This Friday, June 28 is Drive your Corvette to Work Day! The 13th annual event encourages Corvette owners nationwide to use their Vettes as their daily driver (even if just for one day), thus creating a travelling tribute on roads all across America. Besides – if you have to go to work on a Friday, you might as well do it in style! If you decide to participate, be sure to take a camera along and post your pictures to Zip Corvette’s Facebook Page so we can admire and share with others!

In recognition of Corvette’s 60th anniversary on Sunday, June 30, CNN has issued a special  I Love My Corvette iReport assignment. CNN wants to hear from Corvette owners! Send them a picture of you with your Corvette and tell them why the car is so special to you. Does your Corvette come with an amazing history? This is your chance to tell the world! Is your Corvette the product of a years-long meticulous restoration? Tell them about it! Did you save up for years in order to buy your Corvette? CNN wants to hear your story!

You only turn 60 once……time to celebrate, Corvette fans!

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