Freedom. Few other words are capable of igniting such passion, such emotion. For some, it is taken for granted. For others, it has come at no higher cost.

Today, we salute the men and women who have fought for and protected our freedom by serving in our great nation’s military. You have made it possible for us to raise our children in peace and prosperity. You have kept our enemies at bay. You have protected our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Zip Corvette is a business built upon the American Dream. What started as a part-time hobby in the garage of a gearhead has flourished into a world-wide supplier of Corvette Parts and accessories. No where else in the world could we have enjoyed such success. The freedoms that we enjoy in the United States of America are what allow people to take a dream – and with hard work and perseverance – turn that dream into a thriving reality.

We will not forget that our freedoms don’t come for free. We will not forget the sacrifice that true freedom requires. We will not forget to teach the next generation that freedom is worth fighting for.

May God bless our veterans – this day and every day.

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