Zip Corvette is throwing its hat into the ring this March as sports fans celebrate the madness! But who says basketball gets to have all of the fun? Zip is also ready to celebrate the best of the best – Corvette style!

Join Zip Corvette on Facebook and Twitter beginning today for Vettes and Nets! With each NCAA tournament round, Zip will post a Corvette poll and trivia question on our social media sites. Play along by voting for your favorite Corvette in each poll! As each new round of hoops begins, we will announce the winner of the poll, along with a limited time special offer. Each round will feature a specific Corvette generation. Don’t see your favorite? Stay tuned, it’s coming!

To participate in Vettes and Nets, you must follow Zip on social media. Click here to follow us on Facebook and click here to follow us on Twitter. The fun starts today and runs through April 9. The limited time special offers announced at the end of each round will also be sent out via e-mail to those who are subscribers for specific generations. For example, if the offer is specific to C1, the e-mail will be sent to everyone who has subscribed to Zip’s C1 Corvette e-mail list. Not an e-mail subscriber? Click here to sign up for generation-specific Corvette e-mails from Zip!


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