Is your 1964-1981 Corvette shifter so loose that you sometimes have to hunt for each gear? Do you have to make a perfect shift pattern to get it into gear? Does the shift handle move around so much that you feel like you are stirring a mystery brew with a spoon? If you answered YES to any of the above, you’re probably dealing with a worn shift mechanism.

Through use, the levers and pins on your Corvette Shifter experience wear and tear, causing hard or sloppy shifting. In the past, your only real option was to buy a new shifter and mechanism. Thankfully, times have changed! Zip Corvette offers  4-Speed Shifter Rebuild Kits. These complete rebuild kits cover 1964 to 1981 Corvettes and eliminate the need to replace the shifter and mechanism.

Each kit includes instructions, a new ball, reverse T-handle with rod, springs, shafts, pins and two different interlock levers to tighten up the mechanism. The best part: these kits are inexpensive and the do-it-yourself rebuild is relatively easy!

Follow along with our tech article 1964-1981 Corvette 4-Speed Shifter Rebuild as we install a rebuild kit on our Project 77, which was suffering from an extremely worn shifter.

In addition to your rebuild kit from Zip, you’ll also need basic hand tools, white lithium grease, chrome polish, a cleaning solvent (mineral spirits will work), a jack and jack stands and the Corvette Shop Manual for your specific year.

Installation should only take about 4 hours. Definitely worth the time and effort to turn your sloppy shifter into a slick shifter!

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