So the horns on your classic Corvette stopped working properly a while ago. You know you need do something about it, but you don’t want to replace the original horns because they are date coded and your want to keep your Corvette as original as possible.

But replacing is not your only option – you can also rebuild – and Zip can help!

Zip offers 1957-1975 Corvette Horn Repair Kits that include everything you need to make this your next DIY project. The kits allow you to easily rebuild one or both horns in your dual horn system. As long as your horn coil is not damaged, you can have your original horns sounding like new in no time.

The repair/refinish kits include aluminum assembly rivets and housing gaskets while the complete rebuild kit includes: two vibrating discs, two hammers and screws, four gaskets and assembly rivets.

Zip’s Project ’73 had a dead horn and we brought it back to life with a complete rebuild kit. Follow along with our technical article 1957-1975 Corvette Horn Rebuild for step-by-step instructions and photos.

Before you begin, you’ll need to gather a center punch, #25 drill bit, a 1/8″ punch, a vise, gasket cement and some hand tools. Take the tech article out with you and you’re ready to get this project done!

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