Are you tired of fighting your 1968-1982 C3 Corvette’s door glass? When you roll up your window, does it go up at a severe angle, unable to completely close? Or perhaps you’ve experienced the most embarrassing of all: you start to roll it up only to have it drop down into the door with a resounding thud or worse, to the sound of breaking glass. It’s’s infuriating…but thankfully, it can be easily fixed with just a few hours and the right Corvette Parts!

These problems can all be attributed to broken window and regulator roller assemblies. There are five nylon rollers that attach to the glass and window regulator and roll in the door and glass run channels. Those rollers allow the window to roll up and down freely. When they break, the glass has a tendency to roll up at angles or not at all, depending on how many rollers are broken.

Follow along with our tech article “1968-1982 Corvette Window Regulator Roller Rebuild” as we get the passenger door glass back on track in our project ’73.  The article includes step-by-step instructions and photos that will show you how to replace the faulty window regulator roller assembly in your C3 Corvette.

To complete the project, you’ll need front and rear glass run rollers, regulator rollers, glass bushings and washers and two anti-rattlers. You’ll also need a few basic hand tools, a helper and a shop manual for your year Corvette. Within just a few hours, your windows will be back on track and your Corvette will be back on the road, where it belongs!

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