There comes a time in the life of your Corvette, especially the older C3s, when the weather seals need replacing. A time when you know you wouldn’t dare go through a jet spray car wash without a raincoat.  A time when in hard rain, water splashes back from the back window seal. A time when a conversation is nearly impossible due to the road and wind noises when cruising the highways and interstates.

Thankfully, there is a way to fix these annoying problems that come with age. A C3 Corvette Weatherstripping Kit will replace the seals on the t-tops, front and back window pillars, doors and engine compartment.

The good news is that replacing the seals in a C3 Corvette is not a difficult job. Our project Stingray is going on 35+ years-old now and the seals – including the T-tops, doors and windows – are starting to show their age. So it was time to take action. Follow along with our technical article “1970-1977 Corvette T-Top Weatherstrip Installation” for step-by-step instructions and photos as we replace the worn weatherstrip.

The best advice we can share: let the chemicals do their job. The 3M Release Agent works great if you allow it a few minutes to soak into the old adhesive and the 3M Adhesive Cleaner effectively finishes the clean-up task. It is a simple matter of rolling back the seals, spraying on the Release Agent where the seals meet the surface it’s bonded to, letting it sit for a few minutes and then removing the old seal. If it rips or pieces stay on, that’s okay because the Cleaning Agent will remove them.

After clean-up, apply adhesive to both pieces being bonded and let them sit for 10-15 minutes to get tacky, then bring them together. It’s good to have an assistant to hold the seal away from the surface while you snug the seal into place. Follow along as we do one side of the T-top so you can see how easy the whole process is. Replacing the window side pillar and door seals is similar. It’s definitely worth a few hours in an afternoon.

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