1984-1987 C4 Corvettes commonly fall victim to headlight motor failure. The result: your corvette “winks” with one headlight up, one down. Frustrating, we know. And slightly embarrassing.

Here’s the problem: straight from the factory, the 1984-1987 headlight motors used nylon gears to rotate the Corvette headlight assembly. With the weight of the headlight assembly, the nylon gears eventually strip where they come in contact with the metal worm gear. Chevrolet recognized this problem and redesigned the motor for the 1988 Corvette, but that didn’t do much to help the early C4′s.

Here’s the solution: new Bronze Headlight Gears that won’t strip.  You don’t need a whole new headlight motor, you just need to replace the gears. Once you replace the nylon gears with bronze, your headlight motors will operate as they were designed and you’ll be able to expect many years of reliable service.

The replacement procedure is not very difficult and can be done in about 45 minutes per side.  To make it even easier, Zip has documented the entire process for you.

Read our technical article 1984-1987 Corvette Headlight Motor Gear Replacement and we’ll walk you through the replacement with step-by-step instructions and photos.

To replace the gears, you will need 1/4-inch ratchet with a long extension, 13mm deep well socket, 10mm socket, Phillips screwdriver, hammer, brass punch, needle nose pliers and some silicone sealant.

Once you have completed this project, you can rest assured that your Corvette won’t be winking at anyone again!

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