Corvette Power Steering Renew Kit Installation
Corvette Power Steering Renew Kit

When the power steering system in your 1963-1982 C2 or C3 Corvette begins to leak it may seem as if you are constantly topping off the fluid level.

Our project 1974 Corvette had a power steering leak somewhere and after a quick degrease of the undercarriage, we discovered that the power steering control valve was the culprit. That’s not a great discovery because C3 Corvettes are known for leaking control valves. Since the control valve needed to be replaced, it provided the perfect opportunity to rebuild the entire power steering system with new hoses and a power steering cylinder.

To keep things simple Zip Corvette Parts offers Power Steering Renew Kits for 1963-1979 small-block Corvettes, 1965-1974 big-blocks, and 1980-1982 models. Available with new or rebuilt components, the renew kits include a steering ram and control valve (be sure to return your old ones for core refunds with the rebuilt kits), power cylinder, and hoses. When our box arrived with our new Corvette Power Steering Renew Kit, we headed to the garage…

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