This weeks Corvette Question comes from Scott who owns a 1972 Corvette.

How do you remove the original radio from a 1972 Corvette?

The procedure for removing a 1972 Corvette Radio is the same for all 1968-1976 C3 Corvettes. You will need to start by removing your Corvette’s RH Side Dash Pad. There are seven phillips screws that hold the dash pad in place; two in the door jamb, three on top where it connects to the top dash pad and the final two are on the side of the gauge console. Once the RH dash pad is removed you will gain access to the radio and gauge console.  Remove both radio side panels on the forward console, they sit under the radio and are held in with one screw. Once this is done, you will need to loosen the nuts on the bottom of the gauge console, they can be difficult to get to, but you should note that you will only have to loosen them not remove them. You can see these nuts by the radio side panels. After the nuts are loose, you can remove the two screws on the left side and then remove the upper screws that hold the wiper switch in place. Once all of the screws are removed, remove the radio knobs and the retaining nuts. The console will now pull out, but use caution because you still have wires and your oil line hooked up. If you can gain enough clearance to remove the radio leave these connected, if not then disconnect the wires and oil line and remove the console. The radio will now slide out so that you can disconnect the antenna cable and wiring harness.

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