Today’s Zip Corvette technical question is one that has been asked over and over by 1968-1977 Corvette owners:

How do I remove my Corvette’s speedometer?

Answer: While you can see the entire speedometer and tachometer in your C3 generation Corvette, removal is not easy. Due to space constraints, steering column placement, main wiring harness routing, vacuum hose connections and speed/tach cables, just sliding up under the dash and removing the gauges are not possible. The first step is dropping the column. No reason to remove the column, just remove the bolts that hold the column to the underdash support and allow the column to “lay down”. Next you can disconnect the speedometer and tach cable connections on the back of the gauges. These cables are attached with knurled nuts in 1968 and then in 1969 through 1977 a spring clip was used to hold the cable to the back of the gauge mechanism. Next, remove the screws on the LH side next to the door jamb, screws holding the lower dash to the upper dash, and several screws coming in from the side on the center cluster bezel. Once the dash pad is worked loose, vacuum connections can be disconnected, vent ball duct disconnected, harness plugs for the headlight switch removed, clips holding the main wiring harness can be undone and the dash light bulbs removed from the back of the gauge housings. The lower dash pad can now be placed in a position for removal of the speedometer and tachometer. Both gauges attach to the back of the dash pad with several screws, upon removal you now have access to either replace or rebuild. Be careful with all components involved, the dash pad and speed/tach housing bezels are plastic and tabs easily break on plastic that is over 30 years old.

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