The National Corvette Restorers Society has published new editions of the NCRS Corvette Judging Manuals. Completely redesigned, the updated manuals are the result of more than 30 years of Corvette experience.

If you’re chasing valuable judging points or just wanting to restore your Corvette to the highest standards, the NCRS manuals are for you. Thousands of hours of research by the most knowledgeable Corvette hobbyists in the country are packed neatly into one little book – specific to your generation Corvette! Filled with vital information for maintaining a Corvette, each manual breaks down part by part the finish, part number, casting number and detailed description of each item on your Corvette.

The updated NEW expanded editions are a complete redesign, including photos of thousands of items to aid in authenticity and installation. New features include calendar years, production codes, information glossaries and technical service bulletins.

Every Corvette owner should have an NCRS manual. In fact, anyone even considering purchasing a Corvette could benefit greatly from the information included in the manuals. Whether you’re a hard-core restorer or simply want to know how your Corvette looked as it rolled off the assembly line, these books have the information you need, right at your fingertips.

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