This Corvette Restoration Tip is brought to you by Zip Corvette and can be found in Zip’s free Corvette Parts & Accessories Catalogs – request one online today. Most Corvette owners – or car owners in general – have no idea that the parts in their car have an expected service life. Did you know the service life of a Corvette’s wiring harness is only 10 years? That means the wiring in your Corvette was built to last 10 years, not the 40 or even 50 years many Corvettes have been on the road. Individual wires within a harness are made of copper strand housed in plastic.

Over time, the plastic deteriorates and becomes brittle and cracked, allowing moisture to get into the wire. In turn, the copper corrodes. Ultimately, this process could end in disaster, i.e., corroded wires lead to short circuits – and short circuits have the potential to turn into electrical fires. With vintage Corvettes continuing to climb in both sentimental and monetary value, why gamble on the (usually unseen) condition of an old wiring harness? Cost-wise within the scope of a comprehensive restoration, the fractional expense of new wiring harnesses is your best money spent. Zip’s Corvette wiring harnesses are correct reproductions featuring the same connectors, wire sizes and colors as the originals. Experience new found confidence in your Corvette’s electrical system with all-new harnesses from Zip Corvette!


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50 thoughts on “Corvette Restoration Tip: Wiring Harnesses

  1. I am working on a 1985 Corvette Coupe, automatic with digital dash, power windows, door locks, power mirrors, the heating controls are normal controls. It is tune port injection. The car has had the Wiring Harness cut apart. I need to find a replacement engine and dash harness for this car. If anyone can help me find a complete wiring harness that was not ripped apart it would be great.

  2. Jeff,
    We can get you the dash harness for approximately $500.00. The engine harness is currently not available to order.

  3. Hi,
    I’m interested an engine and dash harness for a C4 Corvette (my corvette is an 84). More and more C4 cars get a total restoration, but none of the major corvette parts suppliers sell complete harnesses for C4 cars on their website. I think there is more and more demand for these harnesses for the older C4 Vettes.

  4. Jurgen,
    Unfortunatlly complete wiring harnesses are not available for C4 Corvettes. One day they probably will be reproduced but for now they are not available.

  5. Please help! I need a dash and headlight wiring harness for my 1985 Corvette. The factory harness melted and I now have a very large paper weight in my garage without it. I bought one from a junk yard but it is not correct. The connections for the headlight motors are 2 prong and the connections in my Corvette are 3 prongs. My Corvette has 1 cooling fan and no fog lights and this harness appears to have connections for dual fans and fog lights. I’m frustrated because its seems like I can find a harness for every Corvette ever made except for a C4. Any suggestions?

  6. Roger,
    Carlisle is at the end of August, I would suggest a trip there. There will be several used Corvette Parts vendors that will have that. It is currently not available new.

  7. I just purchased a 1984 Corvette and its engine wiring harness has every component spliced into the harness. I am not sure why anyone would do that other than to save money but does anyone know of a good site to purchase used C4 Corvette engine harnesses? Also where can I find the door, window and targa top weatherstrip seals that are not in a $600 kit?

  8. Dustyn,
    As of right now there are no vendors making the engine harness for the 84-96 Corvettes. Used engine harnesses may be available, you shoud be able to find used Corvette Parts vendors in any Corvette related magazine. As far as the weatherstrip, you really do get what you pay for. The GM Corvette weatherstrip was once $600 per door. It has come down since then but it is still expensive. There is cheaper weatherstrip available but it causes other problems such as doors not closing properly, the top not bolting down, and water leaking because it is so hard. The best weatherstrip is the latex brand that is designed just like the original.

  9. I have a 1971 Corvette and have replaced the front wiring harness. I have installed all new components but neither the wiper motor or fuel gauge is working. It seems that something is not grounded properly. Can someone explain to me how the dash is grounded? My Corvette’s dash lights work but nothing on the instrument cluster works.

  10. Charles,
    You have ground wires in the harness that ground your gauges etc. The ground wires bolt to the chassis at several locations behind the dash. It is also important that you have your ground straps that ground the birdcage to the frame and your Corvette’s engine ground strap in place.

  11. I have a 1985 Corvette, the instrument cluster shows yellow squares for mph and the analog graphic is all green. Is this a sun bleach problem? I can barely make out numbers.

  12. I have a 1979 Corvette, I have some groud wires that are not grounded to any part of the engine compartment and I do not know where they go. I am sure a new Corvette wiring harness would help. What would you suggest?

  13. @Jeff Trayer
    I have a C4 Corvette dash wiring harness (instrument panel) for a 1985 Corvette. It has never been used and I have had it since 1985, when I bought the Corvette. It is in perfect condition. Tom Ridgway – Sold the Corvette and wish I had not.

  14. In most of the Corvette restoration manuals, the color codes for wiring are indicated by a single letter. I am trying to find out what color “P’ is? Purple or pink? This is on a 1963 Corvette. I have not been able to find a publication where the color is spelled.

  15. Need the ground connector for the rear tail light harness. There are four, one for each light. I am missing one where can I get one?

  16. Usually P is pink on a Corvette. They also have a two digit if the wire is light green or light blue. This particular wire you are looking at, what does it go to? That could also determine what color it is.

  17. I am restoring a 68 and would like to get the fuse panel out from under the dash and moved to the firewall where it is more accessible. I’m getting too old to get upside down many more times! Is there anything that anyone can recommend or do I just have to cope?

  18. Anything can be done, the question is how easily. In order for the fuse box to come out you are going to be moving all of the Wiring Harnesses. The fuse box is where they all come together. It can be done, but it would take a specialty shop that is good with wiring and probably them making a custom harness. I think you would be in the ball park of 6-7 thousand dollars for this to be done right.

  19. I have a 1984 Corvette with a 88 TPI engine installed. Where the Dash wiring harness connects to the harness under the hood…Is there supposed to be an alternate fuse block?
    Lost In My Vet In Texas

  20. I am restoring a 1985 Corvette and the insturment cluster will only work sometimes. When it works it does fine and then they will just not work at all can you help me?

  21. Yes, this is common and there could be several things going on here, but you will need several different pieces of equipment to test it that is not available anymore. Your best bet is to send it to us (Zip Products) for a rebuild. As of 12/19/2011 the rebuild starts at $389 and goes up to $689 if your C4 Corvette’s Instrument Cluster has bad lenses on it.

  22. I bought a 1988 Corvette motor recently and do not have a wiring harness. I am looking to find out where to get a harness new or used. I was also curious if a camaro harness will work. I am putting it in a 1994 s10 and will appreciate your help.

  23. Hello,
    I am restoring 69 corvette, for the dash harness I have a problem.
    I don’t know where I have to put the Pink Pink Purple wire, this wire is on the right side of the dash.
    Can you help me ?
    Best Regards

  24. Bravo -
    There is a company by the name of Speed and Marine, I believe. They make stand alone harnesses like this. I am not sure if they are still making them for the L98 engines but if you google them, you should be able to find out. I do not know if a Camaro harness will work. Good Luck!

  25. Lost in my Vette -
    No, there is not a secondary fuse box. The only fuse box is located on the pass side of the dash. On a 84 and 85 they have a grommet where the harness passes through the firewall, in 86 it became a bulkhead fitting but no fuse box. Hope this helps!

  26. I have a 1985 corvette instrument panel harness, never used and complete. Anyone interested make offer. thanks, Tom.

  27. In 1987 I ordered the complete 1982 corvette electric power mirror system from chevrolet
    and i had it professionally installed by a corvette specialty shop. I now need to extend the length of the wire harness and replace the r & L mirror rocker switch. Where can I source the original parts or have these items fabricated???

  28. I have a 74 Corvette. Having problems with the starter. It acts like its a bad ground. There is one that grounds from neg. battery to the frame, and there is one that goes from motor to frame, by the motor mount. Am I missing something?

  29. I have a complete brand new wiring harness – never been on car – for C5. Bought thinking I had a short in the electrical system. Couldn’t send it back – it’s 4 years old – paid $500, will sell for $100.
    904-778-8514 Jacksonville, Florida.

  30. P.Martini:
    There are other grounds, but those are the main ones. Make sure the ground from the battery to frame is good. Unbolt it and clean the connection, a lot of times this will fix a ground issue because the connection gets corroded or rusted.

  31. bonjour;
    je suis a la recherche d’un faisceau moteur pour ma corvette c4 de 1988 moteurL98 boite de vitesse 4+3 ?????

  32. Hi Daniel Dore:
    There is no new C4 engine harness available – regardless of option. You’ll need to check with a supplier of used/reconditioned Corvette parts/accessories. Try Vette Masters (Virginia Beach, VA) at 757-490-2570. You can also check E-bay or swap meets. Good Luck!

  33. I put a new LL wire harnes in my 1977 Corvette. It went in fairly easy. It really only goes in one way and the plugs are easy to track. However, there is a big problem and I can not seem to figure it out. The system is hot like you were to turn the key to run. The ignition is hot, gauges, everything that is on when the key is in the run position. I unplugged the ignition switch, both plugs, and the system is still hot. I am at a loss, any idea what might be the problem? Could it be the wrong harness? Thanks!

    I would like to purchase your c5 wire harness .
    I bought my vette not knowing of the battery acid damage .
    My body control module , pcm, must be replaced. Turn signals/hazards work when they want and remote functions have failed.
    Plus I can’t get any info on harness id or routing diagrams. Its not in any service manuals and the dealership can’t find any thing on the computers .
    Why isn’t this a recall? They know the battery (OEM) INSTALLED EQUIP. caused the damage. I’M still paying off the car.

  35. Scott:
    We would be glad to repair the car for you. The battery does not leak unless it is overtightened, so this was an individual who caused it, not the placement of the battery. There is not a place on the car where the battery could be installed where it will not cause damage. There is probably a better place they could have placed the computers…..but there’s nothing we can do about that. This is something a dealer is probably not going to be able to fix. Not sure where you’re located, but you can ship your car to us and we can make the repairs. Call us at 1.800.962.9632 if you’re interested.

  36. Mike:
    Something is hooked up on the starter motor wrong. The power goes directly from the battery to the starter, then the starter to the ignition switch. Go back through those connections and make sure you has everything correct. If the ignition switch is disconnected, it can’t deliver power to other systems. Also, check for any “custom” wiring that may be on the car and back feed voltage. Good Luck!

  37. What is the easiest way for me to install a dash harness in my C2? Do I have to stand on my head? What on the dash is removable for more working space?

  38. Has anyone installed an under dash wiring harness for an 86 C4 Corvette? Does anyone know a good Corvette garage in Phoenix that would install the harness for me?

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