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Installing new U-joints in your Corvette can turn into a costly job. A simple $30.00 repair could grow into the replacement of your entire driveshaft. For a no-hassle removal, you will need a tool similar to Zip Corvette’s U-Joint Removal Tool, or a standard shop press.

63-67 Corvette
1963-1967 Corvette

Begin by removing the retaining clips on the U-joint bearing caps. Support the underside of the yoke with a large socket (1 1/4”) on the bed of the press, and then begin pressing the U-joint with a smaller socket or rod. Make sure the U-joint is square and all pressure is placed onto the bearing cap – this will help keep the yoke from absorbing the pressure and possibly damaging the driveshaft. Continue pressing the U-joint until it can go no further. Remove the cap you pressed out with a pair of pliers, then reverse the driveshaft and press the opposite cap in the same manner. Once out, you will be able to remove the U-joint from the driveshaft.

To install the new U-joint, lightly sand the inside of the yoke to clean out any corrosion or burrs, then spray with WD-40 to make installation smoother. Begin installation of the new U-joint by removing one cap and pressing it halfway into the driveshaft yoke. Now place the U-joint inside the yoke and press the cap all the way in. Press the second cap into the yoke, being careful to align it with the U-joint. Then reinstall the spring clips and make sure they are fully seated into the groove. You are done!

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