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1956-1962 Corvette Fuel Pump Mount
Corvette Fuel Pump Mount

When changing a fuel pump on any Corvette, the first thing you want to do is remove the gas cap. This keeps fuel from being pushed out of the line from pressure built-up in the tank. Place a catch bucket under the fuel pump lines and disconnect the rubber hoses that connect the frame lines to the Corvette’s fuel pump. Once removed, disconnect the steel line that goes from the pump to the carburetor. On the front side of the block, next to the fuel pump, you’ll see two mounting holes. The upper hole is threaded all the way through the block into the cavity for the fuel pump push rod. Before removing the pump, thread a 3/8” bolt in, lightly tightening the bolt against the push rod. This will lock the push rod in place so that it does not drop when removing the fuel pump. Remove the two fuel pump bolts and the fuel pump will lift out. The fuel pump plate and bottom two bolts do not need to be removed. After installing the new gasket and fuel pump, remove the temporary bolt, releasing the push rod to rest against the fuel pump rocker arm. Reinstall fittings and lines, making sure all threads are properly sealed.

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  1. The fuel pump installed on the engine of my 1973 Corvette does not work, it works better with an electric pump installed at the gas tank. How do I do the wiring conection?

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