Introducing Zip’s new C4 Corvette Single Row Aluminum Radiators, designed for Corvette enthusiasts who want a better radiator than the factory unit but don’t quite need the cooling capacity of Dewitt’s “Direct Fit” radiator.

Made in the USA, our new single row aluminum radiators feature one 1 1/2″ cooling tube, a design that increases cooling surfaces by 50% over the factory radiator. Tanks are press formed and inlet/outlets are correctly configured for a drop-in installation. Each core is then brazed in a controlled atmosphere furnace which eliminates the need for epoxy – ensuring leak free and trouble-free service for many years to come.

These Corvette Parts are an excellent choice for economy minded customers who want to eliminate failures from plastic end tanks and gasket leaks. Units use the same full size aluminum end tanks from our double row “Direct Fit”, increasing fluid capacity.

1984-1989 radiators fit both automatic transmission and 4 + 3 models. Note: First design AC condensers used on 1984 & early 1985 will have to be upgraded to allow clearance for the thicker radiator.

1990-1996 radiators fit both automatic transmission and 6-speed models.

Purchase online at Zip Corvette Parts

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