If your C5 Corvette’s power window regulators have gone bad and you have contacted a Chevrolet dealer for a replacement, you were probably surprised to hear that the cost would be around $400 a side. Due to this high cost we have worked hard to provide C5 Corvette owners with window regulator problems a much more cost efficient solution that assures quality and performance.

Our C5 Corvette left hand and right hand power window regulators include new power window motors and are available at about half the cost of a new GM unit. Each window regulator and power window motor is designed to install using the factory hardware and installation is fairly straightforward once the door panel is removed from your Corvette.

If you are asking “Why do C5 Corvette Window Regulators go bad so often?”… the explanation is simple; over time the cables, which are exposed to forever changing weather conditions, fray and even break causing the regulator to malfunction or even fail. Once these cables go bad the only option is to replace the entire regulator with a new unit. Other possible reasons for non-working windows in a C5 Corvette include:

  • Bad power window motor
  • Faulty power window switch
  • Bad power window relay
  • Bad fuse
  • Damaged power window wiring harness

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  2. Is there a web site that gives step by step instructions for removing and replacing c-5 window regulators?(drivers door)

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