If you are in the market for a remanufactured C4 or C5 Corvette roof panel consider purchasing yours through Zip. Our remanufactured roof panels are just like your factory panel and we make sure every top sent out has all new weatherstrip installed. The new weatherstrip along with cleaning the original frame and a new paint job guarantees nothing less than a quality Corvette roof panel. Upon receiving your roof panel no further work will be necessary because it will install using all of the original factory mounting hardware.

Corvette Roof Panel
Corvette Roof Panel

Another reason to choose Zip for your remanufactured Corvette roof panel is that we have gone out of our way to help you save on outrageous shipping costs within the United States. Almost every company will be happy to sell you a C4 or C5 Corvette Roof Panel but will fail to cover or mention the high shipping costs you will be forced to pay when sending your roof panel core back in for refund. The cost to return your roof panel will likely be upwards of $90.00 to ship it back, ultimately cutting your core refund by nearly one-fifth of the amount. If you purchase a remanufactured Corvette roof panel from Zip we will include a pre-paid shipping label, which guarantees that you will not pay any return freight fees (inside the continental US) when returning your core, we’ll pay it!

Once again Zip provides the Corvette aftermarket a superior product, with superior customer service than the competition.

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2 thoughts on “Corvette Roof Panels for 1984-2004 C4 & C5

  1. I need a cone locator for c-5 roof panel. The plastic part that fits into the slot above the windshield. Where can I find this part without buying the entire latch?

  2. Bob:
    We do not see where that Corvette Part was ever available from GM. You may be able to find one used, but it will probably be the entire used handle assembly since that is the way GM sold it. Good Luck!

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