Factory power brakes acting more like standard brakes on your 1964-1967 C2 Corvette? If you find yourself standing on the brakes applying as much pressure as possible to get your Corvette stopped – then it’s likely that your power brake vacuum booster is losing vacuum and needs to be replaced.

Zip has new 100% correct reproduction C2 Corvette Power Brake Boosters for your 1964, 1966 and 1967. Features include correct part number stamped on tab, correct mounting to firewall studs, correct brake pedal clevis, correct brackets and rivets, correct master cylinder mount studs and correct reproduction plastic vacuum fitting.

These Corvette Parts are the finest available brake boosters for your C2 Corvette. Simply remove your master cylinder and the new power brake booster can be installed in no time.  Best of all, these boosters are made in the USA.

Julian dating service is available for Corvette enthusiasts looking for reproduction brake boosters including the date code. Specify VIN # when ordering. Dated boosters are not available for returns.

Zip also has new chrome plated 1964-1967 Corvette Power Brake Boosters, in stock and ready to ship to you. These boosters have the same great features and correctness as our reproduction mid-year brake boosters – only now you can get them in a high quality chrome plating for that custom look. Also made in the USA.

Let Zip help you restore your stopping confidence today!

Purchase online at Zip Corvette Parts

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