Zip is your most complete source for Corvette Locks, Keys and Keyed-Alike Lock Sets for your 1953-1996 Corvette. Now you can restore your Corvette to its original lock and key design, without having to enlist the services of a locksmith if your goal is a keyed-alike set. You can also say goodbye to that pocket full of keys.

Zip stocks individual Corvette locks for all applications including doors, ignition, trunk, glove box, rear storage and spare tire. Our reproduction Corvette locks feature OE style designs, including the correct notched and dimpled shutters and faceplates (depending on application) found on 1956-1973 Corvette doors. All locks includes original style keys in either hex, round, square or oval and feature the Briggs & Stratton, GM logos and factory style grooves as original.

Keyed-alike Corvette Lock Combinations as original are perfect for the Corvette enthusiast who wants a matched set of Corvette locks. Lock sets are available in combinations of ignition lock cylinders, door locks, glove box locks, rear storage compartment and/or spare tire locks depending on your specific needs. For the enthusiast who wants to restore their Corvette to its original arrangement, Zip’s Deluxe lock sets include all reproduction locks, keyed alike with correct style “knock outs” keys. Deluxe lock sets include ignition, doors, glove box, rear storage and spare tire lock all keyed as original.

For your 1984-1996 C4 Corvette, Zip stocks ignition locks for models with and without the factory Vehicle Anti-Theft System, replacement ignition keys including all combinations of ohm ratings for the VATS, reproduction door lock assemblies and center console locks.

Whatever your needs – a key, a lock or a complete keyed-alike lock set – Zip can help you keep your Corvette locked up tight…and as original as the day it rolled out of the factory.

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