As with many low riding vehicles, C4 Corvettes are prone to getting cracks and chips in the lower air dam. Though most of the damage goes unnoticed, it can have a direct effect on the performance of your Corvette’s Cooling System.

C4 Corvette Lower Air Dams
C4 Corvette Lower Air Dams

The purpose of a C4 Corvette Lower Air Dam is to direct air flow into the radiator cavity which begins the process of cooling your Corvette’s engine. If the first stage of the cooling process is interrupted by a cracked or chipped lower air dam, the engine will not perform like it should. The reason for this is simple; lower air dams are designed a specific way causing the air flow to move smoothly into your Corvette’s engine. More cool, smooth air means more horsepower. Without a correct lower air dam, less air will be directed into the engine ultimately leading to horsepower decreases.

At Zip Corvette, we have everything needed to replace the lower air dams for all C4 Corvettes. Our 1984-1990 reproduction air dam kits are available in both the first and second designs. The first design air dams came without stiffening ribs and were used on 1984-85E and 1987-90 W/O Z51 Corvettes. The second design air dams came with stiffening ribs and were originally used on 1985L-86 and 1987-90 w/Z51 Corvettes. All 1991-1996 Corvettes used the same lower air dams.

When replacing your Corvette’s Lower Air Dams take notice of the lower outer retainers, the lower center retainer and the air dam mounting hardware. If any of these components look a little beat up, we have reproduction retainers and hardware kits to mount original style air dams on 1984-1996 Corvettes.

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7 thoughts on “Corvette Lower Air Dams for C4

  1. My 1995 Corvette seems to run a bit hot when it idles. The needle pushes to high temp, but when driving it is in a cool safe mode. I added purple ice and it improved the temp by at least 30%. Is there anything else to keep it cool, or is this the way it was designed. It has never overheated. I live in Florida so I am concerned. I drive it mostly when it is cooler outside, it helps!

  2. Joe,
    The C4 Corvettes were designed to run anywhere from 200-230 degrees from the factory. This was to help the car pass emissions testing before being shipped out, as well as achieve the advertised mpg. If you are in this range then your Corvette is ok. If you are trying to get your Corvette to run cooler then the current temperature, you will have a hard time doing so if the factory radiator is still installed. The stock radiators cooling capacity was essentially maxed out from the factory because of the small 1″ aluminum core. For more information on this topic read our C4, C5, & C6 Corvette Direct Fit Aluminum Radiators blog post.

  3. My 1994 Corvette does not produce warm/hot air. The fan works, temperature runs normal, air conditioner works fine. Any suggestions?

  4. I have a 1986 Corvette that is pretty much a mess. Im stuck on the bracket for the air pump and serpentine belt setup. The AC and water pump are taken care of, but not sure how anything else is supposed to be. If there is a way to get a diagram on the entire engine that would be helpfull. Thank you.

  5. I have a 1989 Corvette coupe. I am trying to glue the headliner back on as it has came lose and i can’t seem to remove it to reglue. Any helpful tips?

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