Zip is pleased to offer a new complete bolt-on kit to convert your 1968-1982 Corvette’s “sleepy” vacuum operated headlights to a more reliable electric motor system. The C3 Corvette Headlight Conversion Kit is perfect for the restorer who is unable to produce enough vacuum to operate the car’s headlight system due to engine swaps or the Corvette enthusiast who is just tired of chasing issues with the C3 Corvette’s factory vacuum system.

The new electric motor conversion system includes all the hardware needed for a complete installation. Typical install time is 2 hours and does not require any modifications to your Corvette. You can even keep your Corvette’s original headlight actuators in place to ensure your C3 Corvette maintains its factory look.

The electric actuators replace your Corvette’s factory mechanism springs with new billet components which are only viewable from the underside of your Corvette. Once installed, the new wiring harness can be routed. Connect 3-wires and enjoy the smooth and reliable operation of your Corvette’s headlight system. Detailed instructions are included.

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