A large part of enjoying your Corvette is the time spent tinkering in the garage before a Sunday drive. However perfect a Corvette may be, and no matter the generation, it can always use a little work.

For the classics, updating to a modern brake or suspension system, repairing wear and tear or installing a custom audio system may be in order. For the modern Corvette, upgrades to the engine or body, performance improvements or modifications to make it your own are the types of projects that make you Corvette unique and enjoyable.

Whatever you want to do, the Weekend Projects for your Corvette books will show you how. Basic maintenance, bodywork, painting, interior upgrades, audio/visual customizations, wheels, tires, shocks, lights and electrical, accessories—a total of 52 projects, one for every weekend, for a year’s worth of Corvette maintenance or upgrades.  Each book details the needed skills, tools, and parts necessary for each project, as well as how much time and money you can expect to spend.

All of the projects can be completed in a few hours over the weekend and can be accomplished by enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whichever model (or models) you own, the Weekend Projects for Your Corvette books can take your Corvette that much closer to the car of your dreams.
A great Christmas present for any Corvette owner, this is the gift that keeps on giving – for a whole year!

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