Remove unsightly fingerprints from the dash of your C6 or C7 Corvette.

While driving, the touch screen functions of your Corvette’s factory navigational screen are easy to use and provide great information. But once the ignition is turned off, all that’s left is the evidence of your use. Fingerprints that stand out like a sore thumb. You might not notice them right away, but when the light hits your dash just right, you’ll notice it…..fingerprints everywhere!

Whoosh! Electronic Screen Cleaner is an all-natural cleaner that contains no ammonia, alcohol or other harmful ingredients. Whoosh! will clean, polish and protect your Corvette’s navigational screen and is safe to use on all electronics including laptops, tablets and smartphones. We’ve even used it to clean sunglasses. Removes dirt, smudges, skin oils and fingerprints while leaving behind a nano-thin, invisible coating to protect the screen. Non-hazardous and nontoxic, Whoosh! leaves no residue behind and does not transfer onto your fingers.

Convenient 1 ounce size bottle is enough for up to 250 cleanings and easily fits in the glove box or console . Includes a 6” x 6” microfiber cloth. Every Corvette owner should keep a bottle of this stuff handy!

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