Corvette Eyewear has introduced a brand new line of Rx Capable Corvette Sunglasses Frames and you can get them first at Zip. In stock and ready to ship, Zip carries a full selection of frames that are designed to accept most Rx prescription lenses. Simply purchase your favorite Corvette Rx Sunglasses frames and take them to your eye care specialist to have your own prescription lenses filled and installed. Now you can look cool….and still be able to see clearly!

Order now and you’ll save 10% on ALL sunglasses, clips and retainers through April 30th. Only retail customers are eligible for the special pricing. Order your new sunglasses online or over the phone today and save. Discount will be applied automatically during checkout.

The new C5 & C6 frames feature a GM Licensed Corvette logo incorporated into a super slick gloss or hydro-carbon fiber frame, wraparound or rimless……. Continue reading


Introducing Zip’s new C4 Corvette Single Row Aluminum Radiators – designed for Corvette enthusiasts who want a better radiator than the factory unit but don’t quite need the cooling capacity of Dewitt’s “Direct Fit” radiator.

Our new single row aluminum radiators feature one 1 1/2″ cooling tube, a design that increases cooling surfaces by 50% over the factory radiator. Tanks are press formed and inlet/outlets are correctly configured for a drop-in installation. Each core is then brazed in a controlled atmosphere furnace which eliminates the need for epoxy – ensuring leak free and trouble free service for many years to come.

These aluminum radiators are an excellent choice for the economy minded customer who wants to eliminate failures from plastic end tanks and gasket leaks…. Continue reading


Zip Corvette is throwing its hat into the ring this March as sports fans celebrate the madness! But who says basketball gets to have all of the fun? Zip is also ready to celebrate the best of the best – Corvette style!

Join Zip Corvette on Facebook and Twitter beginning later today for Vettes and Nets! With each NCAA tournament round, Zip will post a Corvette poll and trivia question on our social media sites. Play along by voting for your favorite Corvette in each poll! As each new round of hoops begins, we will announce the winner of the poll, along with a limited time special offer. Each round will feature a specific Corvette generation. Don’t see your favorite? Stay tuned, it’s coming!

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Zip’s stainless steel Corvette Brake Hoses are now available in custom colors – perfect for your street rod or Vette rod. Available for 1956-2013 Corvettes, stainless braided hoses don’t expand under pressure, giving you a firmer feeling pedal and a quicker brake response.

New colored hose sets comply with USA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and are proudly made in the USA. Includes “U” clip and copper washers for installation. Sold in car set.

Check out these features of our Corvette braided stainless brake hoses… Continue reading


Want additional power for your C7 Corvette? Of course you do! Max Energy Tuning extracts every bit of energy possible out of every molecule of fuel, giving your Corvette additional power at both part-throttle and wide-open throttle.

In order to increase engine efficiency, horsepower and torque, Hypertech’s engineers first optimize the spark and fuel curves over the entire rpm band. With the additional power and optimized transmission functions, drivers use less fuel to accelerate and maintain cruising speeds without the torque converter un-locking and transmission down-shifting to a lower gear.

Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer for your 2014 Corvette features:

Optimized engine tuning for premium octane – +34hp and + 19tq
Lower or Raise top-speed limiter to match speed rating on high-performance tires… Continue reading


Say hello to Justin Abbott, the “brain” of Zip-brand R&D. His office door says VP, but you’re more likely to find him underhood or under the lift – improving a Corvette.

In short, Justin lives performance. Faster, Better, Stronger….this is the beat he marches to. In fact, we’d be willing to bet high-test runs through his veins.

Want to add some serious performance power to your Corvette? Look no further than Zip.
Request a free Catalog for your generation Corvette Today:

Or contact us at: 1-800-962-9632
International: 1-804-746-2290

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Yesterday, the USA paused to honor the men who have led our great nation. As we look back at our Presidential lineage, we may not all agree, but we can all appreciate that our history is rich with great visionaries and brave leaders determined to secure liberty, freedom and independence for future generations.

In celebration of Presidents Day, Zip Corvette continues to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $99 or more when you order online by midnight EST tonight (2/18/14).

Car shows, road trips and race weekends are just around the corner and this is the perfect opportunity to get your Corvette ready! Whether you own a classic C2 or a brand-spankin’ new C7, count on Zip for the most complete inventory of Corvette Parts and accessories… Continue reading


Restore your 1978-1996 Corvette’s interior to pristine condition with a new reproduction Corvette Rear Package Shade. Over time, your original shade can rip, tear or become heavily faded from sun exposure. The result is a tired and worn looking interior.

These reproduction package shades are made to fit just like the original – correctly stitched, including the sewn-in welt at the rear edge for installation in the winding mechanism.

Available in black only, these shades are in stock and ready to ship. Continue reading


Zip offers 1957-1975 Corvette Horn Repair Kits that include everything you need to make this your next DIY project. The kits allow you to easily rebuild one or both horns in your dual horn system. As long as your horn coil is not damaged, you can have your original horns sounding like new in no time.

The repair/refinish kits include aluminum assembly rivets and housing gaskets while the complete rebuild kit includes: two vibrating discs, two hammers and screws, four gaskets and assembly rivets.

Zip’s Project ’73 had a dead horn and we brought it back to life with a complete rebuild kit. Follow along with our technical article 1957-1975 Corvette Horn Rebuild for step-by-step instructions and photos… Continue reading


1984-1987 C4 Corvettes commonly fall victim to headlight motor failure. The result: your corvette “winks” with one headlight up, one down. Frustrating, we know. And slightly embarrassing.

Here’s the problem: straight from the factory, the 1984-1987 headlight motors used nylon gears to rotate the Corvette headlight assembly. With the weight of the headlight assembly, the nylon gears eventually strip where they come in contact with the metal worm gear. Chevrolet recognized this problem and redesigned the motor for the 1988 Corvette, but that didn’t do much to help the early C4′s.

Here’s the solution: new Bronze Headlight Gears that won’t strip. You don’t need a whole new headlight motor, you just need to replace the gears. Once you replace the nylon gears with bronze, your headlight motors will operate as they were designed and you’ll be able to expect many years of reliable service.

The replacement procedure is not very difficult and can be done in about 45 minutes per side. To make it even easier, Zip has documented the entire process for you.

Read our technical article 1984-1987 Corvette Headlight Motor Gear Replacement and we’ll walk you through the replacement with step-by-step instructions and photos… Continue reading


Back when the 1973-1982 C3 Corvettes were rolling out of the factory and into the hands of eager owners, many do-it-yourself weekend warriors went straight to work removing the factory installed emission system because it robbed horsepower. We didn’t think we’d ever really need it, so we just threw the whole smog system on the junk pile.

Boy, were we wrong!

Today, C3 show cars are REQUIRED to have the smog system if they were originally equipped that way. In addition, an intact system is needed to get the car registered or to renew license plates in some cities and states. Come to find out, an operating smog system is very important afterall!

But as owners decided to undertake this re-installation project, they found that most smog systems were hard to locate and very expensive.

Your mission….should you choose to accept it….is to install the emission system on your 1973-1982 Corvette in just one afternoon. Continue reading